72HRS of physical and spiritual challenges that will confront your character

Extreme Character Challenge, 72 hours of transformation in the life of men and their families. 72 hours in which we’ll challenge you, dare you and lead you to give the best version of yourself.

A physical, mental and spiritual challenge, where you will break with everything that paralyzes you and learn how to enjoy the way, fight the correct battles, those that really deserve to be fought. You’ll learn that family will never be abandoned and to give the best version of yourself.

Enjoy the Way

Challenge you, dare you and come to live an extreme character challenge

Stories worth to be told


400 RECS

Say goodbye to easy

Men in general, have left the manhood God blessed us with at the side and soon we learned to choose the easy way, to quit, to run every time things get tough and to not face it.

This is actually the first challenge that every REC participant has to face, due to the fact that this is a transformation tool that teach men not to quit or scape even though they might want to. It instructs them to take responsibility and renew his conqueror spirit to show the world a better version of themselves and to retake the priesthood and leadership of his house.