Unbreakable men
with a story worth to be told

Legendarios a movement that seeks the transformation of men, families and communities through experiences that lead men to find the best version of themselves and their new potential. Return the hunter hero to each family, a statement that we have as legendary that has led to form men unbreakable before sin but broken before God.











Legendarios comes from the word “Legere”, that means legends from saints.
1. That has a relation with the legend
2. That has fame or prestige
3. Saint’s book of life
4. Collection or book of the legends


Because one of the main objectives is to generate an impact in society and families. Did you know that if we impact men 92% of families will change? and that change will actually last

There has been a disagreement about christian men and their passive attitude that has grown over the years, we see women be the ones who lead the intercession areas in church, special events. Most of the time the initiative towards those activities come from them. We noticed how women were taking responsibilities biblically set for men; therefore, our prayers have been to asking God to provide us with the word and actions to activate men and be able to ignite, challenge and awake men towards the configuration that God has giving us as christian men.

Legendarios has been an answer to that nonconformity. Today, we can see how men are transformed, taken to a higher level, challenged with the right character to face every life challenge, and fought correctly for those things that God has given us.

We then started designing the Track, where men are transformed by a 4 days challenge seeking God in a natural scenery, without any distraction or traditional intervention that will distract them from such a valuable time, so they can reflect, learn and be able to determine those changes needed to be victorious in their own battles.


I’m a Legendario and my commitment is to make history. That’s the decision I’ve taken. I’ve crossed the line, I’m not looking back, I won’t desist, slow down or be quiet.

My past is redeemed, my present has a meaning, and my future is secured. I’ve chosen to stop my limited life, to get out of my conform zone, my walk by sight, my limited plans, my weak knees, my uncolorful dreams, my docile visions, my worldly speech, my insignificant way of giving and my small goals. I’m going to fight for my family, I will fight the fights that are worth to be fought, I will tune my ear to hear the instructions I need to follow.

I don’t need no position, promotion, applauses, or popularity. I’m not interested in being right, or being first, the superior one, the one who everyone recognizes, the one worshiped, respected or gifted. I will continue and wait for the Legendario number one, Jesus Christ. I now live by faith, I rely on his presence, I fight my battles on my knees, I love with patience, I live by prayers and work with enthusiasm. My attitude is firm, my steps are fast, my goal is heaven, difficult and narrow is my way, I’m feed by the word, trustworthy is my guide and clear is my vision. I’m not for sale and I can’t derail from my path, nothing can make me drive away, step back, betray or set back. I won’t be afraid towards sacrifice; I won’t doubt facing adversity; I won’t make any deals with the enemy, and I won’t stop to think in the labyrinth of mediocracy.

I won’t desist, not speak, or slow my pace. I’m going to push through until I have finished my work for the case of Jesus Christ. I’m one of his disciples. I must persevere till I fall exhausted. I will preach his word till everyone has listened and I will always enjoy the way. And by the time He return for his people, he won’t have any problem recognizing me. My identity is clear: “I’m a part of Legendarios, unbreakable men with a life worth to be told.